Interpreter and Translator: Italian - English - French - German

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates in real time what the speaker says using headphones and a microphone. This type of interpreting is well suited:

- for longer events such as conferences and congresses

- for events with two or more working languages

- when only a part of the audience needs translation

For quotes or inquiries:

Phone: (+39) 3201878191

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Working conditions:

- 2 interpreters per language pair who take turns of 20-30 minutes for maximum 7 hours of work (physical event)

- 2 interpreters per language pair who take turns of 10-15 minutes for maximum 4 hours of work (remote interpreting)

- 1 interpreter per language pair for maximum one hour


Useful tips:

Guidelines for speakers

How to speak in multilingual conferences


Organizational advice:

- Formation of interpreters’ teams for multiple languages

- Hire of technical equipment

- Solutions for remote interpreting

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Soundproof booth with headphones and microphones for the interpreters and portable receivers for the audience:

- for formal events or with a large audience

- for events with two or more working languages

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Bidule, a wireless system of portable transmitters and receivers (without booth), similar to the ones used by tour guides:

- only for small groups and less formal events, such as workshops and training courses

- for events with maximum two working languages

Listen to my translation:


Simultaneous interpreting English > Italian

Lecture by Barry Barish, 2017 Nobel laureate in Physics, on the discovery of gravitational waves
(Perugia, 17 November 2017)
[from min. 11:42]


  Simultaneous interpreting Italian > English

Draw for the 2018 Volleyball Men's World Championship
(Florence, 30 November 2017)